4 Event Marketing Tips to Optimize Product Launch Events

oleh Eden • Rab, 02 Nov 2022 11:11AM
5 Event Marketing Strategies to Optimize Product Launch Events

Product launch events are critical components of a company's marketing strategy. Therefore, product launch events require careful planning. For even better results, you can incorporate some event marketing strategies. 

The way you launch your product will determine the first impression of your latest product, build the hype for potential customers, and kickstart sales. In general, an outstanding product launch needs proper event planning, savvy marketing, and a creative and talented team. 

In addition to being able to increase brand loyalty, reach out to potential customers accurately across the platform, and make customers feel more involved and have lasting impressions, the product launch event should also increase brand awareness.

Whether held online, offline, or hybrid, product launches need event marketing strategies. It is necessary to ensure all the goals mentioned above are achieved. Event marketing is a multi-level instrument to create a themed exhibit, display, or presentation to promote a product, service, cause, or organization through in-person participation. 

Here are several top-tier event marketing strategies that could help your product launch. 

Pay Attention to All Marketing Funnels

Besides being able to accelerate sales and customer engagement, hosting an event to mark a product launch can also touch every stage of the marketing funnel. There are 6 basic stages of the marketing funnel. Start from awareness, interest, consideration, then purchase, post-purchase, and advocacy. 

These stages can change and are not always linear, depending on your business. It is helpful to understand the marketing funnel in order to adapt the stages to the event and to measure the event with more accuracy. 

Build Anticipation and Keep the Momentum

As stated by Bizzabo, an event is one of the most effective ways to launch a new product. A successful product launch event can be determined by the hype before the actual event date. You have to build anticipation and ensure it starts well before the day of the release.

Then on the day of the event, it will be long-awaited and able to facilitate an initial influx of sales. In addition, the effects should last for a long time afterward. So make sure that you establish the momentum before the event, on the day of the event, and after. This momentum is needed so the company can build on it through post-event follow-up.

Determine Relevant Marketing Channels

To build anticipation and keep the momentum, you need to get the message directly to your target audience and potential customers. For this, you need a solid marketing strategy and relevant marketing channels. If you know who you are communicating with, it will be easier to determine the most effective channel to reach them. 

Social media activation is one of the things that you probably want to consider. TagVenue reported that using social media is an essential part of event marketing. 94% of internet users use social media every month. 

By using social media as a marketing channel, you can analyze data, create targeted ads or posts, create an event countdown, create a branded hashtag, collaborate with influencers, and use video to tell a story about your brand or product. 

On the other hand, if you target a local audience, you can still consider conventional marketing channels such as billboards, digital poster sites, radio, or TV ads.

Create a Personalized Experience

Make sure your product launch events are creating meaningful and lasting impressions on the attendees. There are a few options to execute this. You can utilize event technology to facilitate hybrid events or create an immersive virtual product launch. Or if you want to focus on offline events, you can use experiential marketing techniques to provide a hands-on experience for your customers. These personalized experiences will appear more engaging for your customers and increase positive product sentiment.  

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