End-of-Year Marketing: How to Close Out the Year Strong

oleh Eden • Jum, 23 Des 2022 07:12AM
End-of-Year Marketing: How to Close Out the Year Strong

End-of-year marketing evaluation is important to understand the current position of the company’s marketing strategy. Including identifying what’s working and what hasn’t and finding things to improve for the next year. 

Many businesses and organizations work and measure company performance by dividing a year into quarters. December is the end of the 4th quarter of the year, and it's the most appropriate time to consider an end-of-year marketing evaluation. As business leaders or marketing professionals, you can choose to close a year by taking it easy, or you can focus on a result-oriented marketing evaluation strategy. 

In either case, all businesses and organizations are encouraged to reflect on what happened in 2022 and prepare for the upcoming year 2023. Hatch House Digital suggests that by looking at the marketing stats and positions at the end of the year, company leaders and marketers can get an insight into preparing their next marketing strategies and decisions.

To be able to get all the positive impacts accurately, here are some tips on executing end-of-year marketing evaluation:

Research on Industry Trends and Development

Doing this kind of research at the end of a year will be a crucial move for businesses and organizations. According to Panta, you can pay attention and do a thorough analysis of industry trends and drawbacks throughout the year. Then use this analysis to predict what your audience might need in the near future, and prepare a marketing strategy based on these predictions.

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Run an Analysis of Competitors

Looking at industry trends also means looking at your competitors. Examine your competitors’ methods and strategies, then learn from their successes and mistakes. When you analyze and take in insights from the right perspective, you might be able to find useful things that you can utilize to make your business stand out more. 

Evaluation of the Current Marketing Strategy

Two of the external factors to take into account are mentioned above. In addition to that, you need to pay attention to internal factors as well. Starting with your brand’s latest marketing strategy is a wise start. 

There must be some strategies that works well and some others that didnt meet the expectation. According to Newsweek, pinpointing success and failure factors in end-year evaluation will help your brand focus resources on more effective strategies and stop wasting resources on unsuccessful ones.

Ensure the Brand is Clear and Consistent

According to Firespring, the end of the year is the right time to step back and take a look at company branding as a whole. All year long, you may be getting too busy with day-to-day operations and forget to look at the bigger picture. 

Some things to evaluate are how the brand syncs across several marketing channels and messaging platforms. Additionally, there should be clarity and consistency of the brand voice across all channels. You can also analyze which formats and which platforms are most liked by your audiences and use all these facts to help you plan next year’s strategy. 

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