The Shifting of Employee Priorities in Singapore

oleh Eden • Sel, 01 Nov 2022 16:11PM
The Shifting of Employee Priorities in Singapore

Only 45% of employees in Singapore are satisfied with the ability of the company to fulfill their needs. Apparently, there is a shift in employee priorities such as values and needs. How can an organization become more relatable in a time like this?

The pandemic is changing the way people value a job, navigate work, and arrange priorities.

Leaders and companies need to stay relevant and embrace these changes in order to make employees stay and thrive. 

According to Mercer’s Global Talent Study 2022, companies can embrace these changes by listening intently to employees and discussing their core values. After that, try to find the value’s relationship with the company's purpose and work standards. 

The business will be more resilient, inclusive, and likely to succeed in the long run because employees will feel fulfilled and strive.  

In the meantime, according to PWC’s survey, only 12% of workers in Singapore feel fulfilled by their jobs. The majority of employees are feeling unsettled and are inclined to look for another job. This could be happening because of the change in the way people value a job, navigate work, and arrange their priorities in Singapore. 

In order to improve the situation, companies in Singapore need to look at factors that shift employee priorities. By taking into account these factors, you can decide how to proceed and apply relevant policies. 

Financial Security is the Top Priority

Yahoo Finance reports that 4 out of 10 workers in Singapore want to change jobs in order to earn more money. Almost 50% said that payment increases will prevent turnover. This is because people are worried about rising inflation.

Flexible Working Arrangements Still Matters

Remote-work flexibility became the most influential factor for employees in Singapore last year. But this year, it seems to shift toward hybrid work arrangements. 90% of respondents in Singapore say that they prefer to work at the office at least two days a week. Flexible working arrangements are today's key workforce concern and are the new standard requirements in Singapore. 

People Prioritize Health and Wellbeing Over Work

According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, more than half of the employee population in Singapore is more likely to prioritize health and well-being above work. It is a significantly higher number than before the pandemic. That is why this year, Microsoft reported that 63% of Gen Z and Millenials are considering changing employers. 

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Expecting Support on Technical and Digital Upskilling

Many workers in Singapore worry that their skills will soon be replaced by technology or digitalization. But fortunately, this doesn't mean that workers look at technology as a threat. 

On the other hand, more than half of workers are concerned about the lack of opportunities to learn and train in digital and technology skills.

Employers or colleagues with more advanced skills can provide this information. That is why this is a chance for employers to provide upskilling and resources in embracing digital and technology. This will make the company appear relevant and add value from the worker’s point of view. 

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