6 Most Recommended CRM Tools for Recruiters

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6 Most Recommended CRM Tools for Recruiters


Candidate experience is crucially needed in order to boost a company’s image, both virtually and in real life. Thanks to the technology of Candidate Recruitment Management (CRM), organisations can now significantly improve candidate experience, even before they step into the company’s building.

According to a press release published in Bullhorn, the adoption of CRM platforms has been very high in 2017 to manage sales (68 percent) and track candidate activity (78 percent). The technology is also predicted to beat previous recruitment technology ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for its effectiveness.

What is CRM and why should recruiter use it?

CRM is a platform as well as a strategic model that lets recruiters create talent pools and helps them build and nurture a relationship with both active and passive talents, thus, boosting candidates’ experience.

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IBM conducted a survey with more than 7,000 recent job applicants, about half of the respondents said they had some sort of interaction with the hiring company before applying for a job. The survey also found that job applicants who failed to receive an offer are more likely to apply again if they had a positive experience with the company. That said, candidate management is vital to generate positive candidate experience to create a bigger talent pool, boost offer acceptance rate, and tap passive top talents that make up to 75 percent in the world's talent pool.   

Best candidate recruitment management tools to use

According to Ideal indicator, good CRM should have characteristics such as automating time-consuming tasks, easy to integrate with other applications, passive candidate management, user-friendly and intuitive interface, and recruitment analytics dashboard and reporting.

With that in mind, we propose these worth investing and most recommended CRM tools to use in your recruitment strategy. Note: price list is given after you request a demo in each platform.

Jibe has a fully-integrated CRM featuring two-sided matching and enhanced SEO capabilities. Jibe’s CRM tools also work best with Google and LinkedIn recruiter. Jibe allows its user to elevate career site with custom landing pages, showcasing your employer brand content and personalised recommendation using machine learning. Recruiters are also able to receive real-time track to hire analytics for recruiting investment and monitor applicants’ quality with Jibe’s recruiting cloud.

Smashfly is one of the most recommended CRM in terms of content marketing. The software helps companies maintain a consistent employer brand as it is driven by AI which can deliver critical intelligence to candidate leads and experience. The AI system also helps recruiter immediately identify and engage best leads, internal, and external filtered by your match to a pipeline. You can nurture employees better and maximise your event ROI with the help of Smashfly CRM system.

Some of the best features of Yello offering are schedule automation, video interviewing, employee referrals, and integrations with ATS mining and HRIS so you can localise your searches to find candidates that fit. When it comes to high-volume hiring, Yello can automatically screen candidates by their qualifications, allowing you to move down to hiring pipeline faster. CRM, in this matter, will keep tracking every candidate in your pipeline to see how successful your company’s recruiting efforts are with detailed reporting.

Using Telemetry recruitment marketing platform gives you high-performance features that can be used alone or in combination. The features of Telemetry CRM include 24/7 chatbots, predictive job recommendations, intelligent job matching, and SMS/text messages that match with millennials choices when it comes to building relationships.

Are you recruiting for a fast-growing company? If yes, Beamery is suitable for you as it offers self-styled recruiting marketing software specially targeted for fast-growing companies. Thus, Beamery CRM lets recruiter run your whole sourcing organisation on a single platform, resulting in accurate data information to predict the short- or long-term performance of candidates. The CRM also gives recruiters tools to source candidates directly from web-pages, social media, and existing sourcing list.

Avature is a flexible enterprise SaaS platform for global talent acquisition. It has already 650 more customers. Avature is helpful CRM for recruiters who want to build events and managing campus recruiting strategy. The platform also has customisable CRM that lets recruiters refine its strategy based on recruiter’s hiring performance and results. 

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