Talentvis Singapore - Recruitment Consultants


Recruitment is often described as a coordinating job or a typical sales job with unexplained "Recruitment process, Sales call, interview techniques and many other factors".

Instead of most agencies telling you "just try or whatever", Talentvis believe in imparting and training our Recruiters to be a trusted partner by clients & associates.

If you do not like any of the below 5,

  1. - Fixed monthly income
  2. - Unjustifiable increment after every appraisal
  3. - Mundane routine, works like a robot
  4. - Climbing up the high corporate ladder
  5. - Cost of living accelerate way faster than salary

You should consider your potential in Talentvis instead.

Benefits & what you can expect

  • Comprehensive and consultative coaching by leaders who are considered veterans in the recruiting industry
  • Good career growth and development opportunities, fast track route available for high achievers
  • Monthly Basic salary + Monthly commission (Commission is not pro-rate by team target, you earn what you deserved instead of covering up for others)
  • Profit sharing payable every 3 months (This is exceptionally rewarding for high achievers, you can expect up to 5 digits earning)
  • Full medical outpatient coverage
  • Insurance coverage

Recruitment is not just a sales role, you are also trained on how to run things like operating your very own business and the following;

  • Working closely with corporate clients to understand their hiring needs and providing consultative advice in staffing & hiring solutions
  • Understanding the "ART" of recruitment, not the typical meeting transactions & KPI
  • Meeting client's hiring requirements and needs and placing the right talent for the job
  • Providing end to end recruitment process between clients and candidates
  • Working in respective teams together to achieve business goals and more importantly, client's needs

What we are looking for:

  • Diploma/Degree in any discipline
  • No experience required.
  • A people person, results and sales/KPI driven
  • Good communication skills and take ownership

Interested applicant please send in your resume to joinus@talentvis.com