How to Build and Maintain a Relationship With Recruitment Agency

by Emma • Fri, 16 Sep 2022 13:42PM
How to Build and Maintain a Relationship With Recruitment Agency

It makes perfect sense if you want to land a job as soon as possible and by job, it means one that suits your lifestyle and preferences. One way to make this possible is through building a relationship with a recruitment agency. Recruiters have the skill and experience in helping talents find jobs through their established network and existing client relationships. Here is an insight on how to build and maintain a relationship with a recruitment agency. 

Be Fast Response

The recruitment agency can approach you immediately after reading your resume on social media such as LinkedIn. This is an exciting opportunity for you, whether you are seeking a new job or are a passive candidate, to always respond to their messages. This is the first step in establishing a relationship with recruiters. If it turns out that you are not interested in the job they are offering, you may respectfully inform them that you are not interested in applying for the post, and you can then ask for available career offers if you want. Emphasize that you are open for a future opportunity to show your interest and maintain a relationship with them by saying “I appreciate your offer. But I am sorry, that job seems a bit too much for me. If possible, could you please suggest another option?” You can also say “I appreciate the job offer, however, I am not in a position to change my current job. But I am open for your future job offer from your recruitment agency, if any. Thank you.”

Get Insights by Asking Questions 

Responding to a recruiter's message will start a nice conversation with the agency. If you are serious about your search for a job, you may ask more questions and establish a lasting relationship with the recruiter from a recruitment agency. When another job opportunity arises, a good relationship will allow you to be the recruiter's first option. If you have no idea about what to ask, here are some clues for you. 

  • How often do you find talents with similar skill sets as mine in this industry? 
  • What kind of roles would you suggest for me to start working right away, as soon as tomorrow, with my current ability and experience? 
  • What types of companies and industries have you placed people like me in? 
  • What experience do you have in an industry that enables you to relate to both clients and candidates? 

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Establish open communication 

Open communication includes being honest and not being scared to ask questions, even rate of pay. The ideal thing that recruiters from a recruitment agency seek for in their prospects is authenticity. Similarly, be open about your pay record and the roles you performed in past jobs. Do not lie, as it could jeopardize your reputation in the eye of a recruitment agency if they find out the truth. Moreover, there is no reason to keep your pay expectations a secret. It is the recruiter's duty to suggest a charge that is reasonable for both clients and candidates. Nevertheless, don't be shocked if a recruiter recommends a position that is unrelated to your experience, expectations, and skill set since they want to give you as many viable options as possible so you can begin working sooner.

Keep in touch 

Recruiters offer help with job hunting, including resume reviews and interview sessions. As a result, keeping in touch with a recruitment agency will be really helpful. However, you should never expect a recruiter to write your CV or facilitate you with your interview preparation, such as a business history search and a list of questions to ask during your interview. They often only provide suggestions and strategies to help you succeed in your interview. Additionally, recruiters typically continue to give guidance even if you are still a new hire. So, if you have a problem with a client company, always contact your recruiter first.

At the end of the day, the easiest way to show your appreciation to a recruiter who has supported you is to help them in finding alternative top talent. If you are happy with their service, you may suggest them to your friends who are searching for work. It will benefit both parties and encourage recruiters to consider you when a new job opportunity comes. Good luck!

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