How to Reject a Job Offer Professionally (Bonus: Email Template)

by Emma • Fri, 26 Nov 2021 12:14PM
How to Reject a Job Offer Professionally (Bonus: Email Template)

As a job seeker, you spend most of your time waiting for a job offer. While securing employment is every talent’s top priority, there are cases when you actually need to reject an offer. Be it due to the unsatisfactory salary, working hours, or working arrangement, you have made up your mind to withdraw from the position altogether. Just like you apply for the job politely, you have to decline it in the same manner too. Gracefully rejecting a job offer will not only protect your reputation, but also showcase your intention to keep a good relationship with the organization. 

Here are some insights on how to reject a job offer professionally .


Finalize Your Decision

Take some good time to consider whether you are truly reluctant about taking the job. After all, if you reject a job offer, there is little possibility that the said employer will consider you again. To help you reflect on this, answer these questions:


  • What aspects of the organization make you truly want to reject the offer?

  • Is there any way you can negotiate with them about the points that make you reluctant to take the offer? 

  • If you reject this offer, how long will it take to land another job offer?


It is important to know your worth and value, so you will not be trapped in a job that pays bare minimum or less. If the company’s financial compensation concerns you, conduct a research on the average salary of the role you are applying within the same industry. Google the salary guide for your offered role and match it with the country you live in; for example, you cannot really use the US’ standards if you are aiming to work for Southeast Asian companies, or vice versa. If you are still not sure, talk to colleagues who work in the same role, industry, or company. In the end, if you still want to proceed with rejecting the offer, then pay attention to the next step.


Notify Right Away

Once you have come to a conclusion, let the employer know right away by contacting the hiring manager. It is not wise to ghost or leave them hanging, since you impede them from finding another suitable candidate. Even if you have had a bad experience with being ghosted by the hiring manager, do not use this chance to get revenge. It is the opposite of professional and polite if you choose to not respond to their offer just because you reject it. 


Phone Call or Email?

In rejecting a job offer, there are two common ways: by phone call and by email. With e-mail, the main advantage is that you can send it anytime during the working hours. This method is also suitable if you do not feel comfortable speaking directly with the hiring manager who has given you an offer. The drawback is that you may not be able to fully convey your reason for rejection through written expressions. The alternative is by conducting a phone call. Speaking directly about your condition with the potential employer is more courteous. Since the hiring manager offered you the job, he or she is by far genuinely concerned about you. However, timing is more essential than a phone call, so if calling someone would add days to the process, send an email instead.


Rejecting Job Offer via Email

There are some things to consider when rejecting an offer through an email. The recruitment process in itself takes up a significant amount of time and resources of the company. Therefore, in your email, you need to first thank them for the opportunity given to you. Add one or two things you liked about the company to indicate that you valued the time they spent to interview you and make the job offer. Explain briefly why you did not accept the employment offer. It is important to be genuine and avoid including any offensive reasons. 

Try not to elude the hiring manager. It is important that they understand why you are unable to join them so that they can contact other candidates. Remember to be brief and concise at the same time. They would prefer that you get to the point quickly rather than ramble.


Example of Rejecting Job Offer via Email

Dear Hiring manager,


Thank you again for the interview opportunity as well as the offer given to me. It was great to meet the team and learn more about the position. Although I really appreciate the generous offer, I would like to tell you that I will not be moving forward with the selection process. I will let you know if the circumstance changes. 


While I truly appreciated [mentioning one or two aspects of the company], I think I will pass the offer because of [the reason you are rejecting the offer]. I hope if the opportunity presents itself, we can collaborate on future projects. I hope the next candidate will suit this position well.


Best regards,


[Your name]



Turning down a job offer, no matter how gracefully, is never easy. Nonetheless, one must close one book before opening another. Sometimes saying no to a job will bring you to the right one. If you have done the professional way in rejecting a job offer, you can continue looking for new opportunities. Talentvis is here to help with some of the best job openings around Southeast Asia. Sign up and deposit your resume to get back again and land the one perfect job!

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