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Best Free Online Courses to Kickstart Your Programming Career

The demand for talents with programming expertise is rapidly growing in Industry 4.0. 

From machine learning to artificial intelligence, the evolving technology offers lucrative opportunities for talents who want to stay current. If you manage to master the language of programming, you can pursue a career in the IT industry, even if you do not have a formal computer science degree. With the myriad of programming courses available online, the ongoing global pandemic is hardly an excuse to learn programming. Learning basic programming does not have to be expensive, and, in fact, it can be free! These cheap to free programming online courses can help you enrich your CV and attain new skills.


What to Consider in Choosing a Suitable Course

Either as an experienced or a novice in programming, there are plenty of quality materials you can access on the web. But before jumping in, here are the 4P you need to consider in choosing a suitable course, according to the Balance Careers:

  • Price

While some courses are free, some are also available for a small monthly subscription, which is still worth it. The ones with paid subscription will surely provide more options compared to the free ones. If you are serious in mastering programming skill, it is highly advised to opt for a paid subscription. The pricing is generally not expensive, considering the skills you will get in return.

  • Prestige

Consider the reputation of the organization when selecting the course provider. Many online training programs are affiliated with reputable colleges and institutes. Some also have connections with corporations and agencies that may be interested in hiring you once you have completed the training.

  • Purpose

Decide what you want to learn specifically, because there are plenty of programming languages. You can first learn about which programming language you want, such as for front end development or back end development. Courses for specific purposes are usually available on a paid subscription, whereas general or basic ones are usually free.

  • Process

There are two types of course process: asynchronous and real time. Asynchronous course is one that provides pre-recorded video and materials available to access at any time. This is suitable if you have a pretty tight schedule and cannot allocate specific time for real time courses. On the other hand, real time courses require you to attend a specific schedule and some providers offer this. Regardless of what type you choose, look for a provider that has useful activities, tests, as well as an active forum that can help you during the learning process.


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Course Recommendations

Check out our recommendations of free courses to learn programming.

  • Codecademy

Codecademy is a free resource for learning Javascript, Python, CSS, HTML, jQuery, and other programming languages. Paid plans are also available for specific courses. This platform boasts its interactivity and is great for new learners. Codecademy's pre-packaged courses make it simple for individuals who are uncertain about the particular skills they want.

  • Code Avengers

Code Avengers, a New Zealand-based startup venture, is an online platform for learning how to code that is geared at novices who want to understand and obtain a strong understanding of the basics. You may sign up for a free trial without providing your credit card information. All courses have a learning path and are split into a series of sub-courses. If you get confused, you can get help from support, references, and other built-in tool features like notes and more. Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and many other courses are available.

  • Udacity

For people interested in studying Python, Udacity offers 14 high-quality courses. This website is free, and it is offered to you by teachers with experience at Google, Stanford University, and NASA. The courses also provide exams, quizzes, and activities, and it has an active forum to ask questions. Udacity is intended for beginners, although it is best suited for intermediate users.

  • Coursera

Having been popular among students and graduates, Coursera provides a myriad of courses in programming that you can choose according to your need. It offers several options in terms of skills, level, duration, and learning product. There is a range of courses, each with quizzes, documents, curricula and similar, and a forum available. Moreover, it has access to 35 different educational facilities and universities.


There are so many more courses available online that you can simply search by yourself. These programming courses can be done from everywhere and can actually take you everywhere. Programming skills can be a really great plus point for applying for a job in various industries. Once you grasp the required programming skills, you can try searching for programming jobs through Talentvis around Southeast Asia. Good luck!


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