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09 Oct 2020

  As a job seeker, you must rejoice when receiving a call saying that you are getting a job interview. Like, finally all the hard effort is worth the wait!  Receiving calls for an interview invitation is good but it is just half the battle won. Acing the interview is the key to getti...

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02 Oct 2020

  When you submit a resume on a job platform, please think a moment before clicking “Send”. It is because the resume formatting should be able to both remain the same after you submit them and at the same time, it can pass the applicant tracking system. Although you do not know e...

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25 Sep 2020

  Surveys have found that 95 percent of large companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS), with more and more medium-sized employers also turning to ATS adoption. Recruiters consistently report that they need an ATS to do their jobs effectively, this reality is reflected in few studies ci...

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21 Sep 2020

  As a job seeker, you might wonder whether the buzzword that potential employers are looking into job seeker’s social media is true or not. The answer is: employers do screen candidate’s social media before they call them for an interview or hire them. According to a survey, 70...

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18 Sep 2020

  What are job and employment scams?  Employment scams are designed to recruit unsuspecting individuals to launder money for criminal organisations. These scams can be found in the form of job advertisements posted online or emails sent to random addresses, promising quick commission...

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