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10 Dec 2021

Thinking of advancing your IT career in 2022? It is no secret that the IT industry has been one of the most in-demand career fields for these past few years. The tech industry is booming and more organizations are looking for talented IT professionals to support their digital transformation. Either...

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06 Dec 2021

A strong online portfolio is essential to impress potential clients and win future gigs or employment, especially if your industry is highly visual such as UX designer, freelance writer, or photographer. Using a free portfolio website to store and display your work will not only showcase successful...

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03 Dec 2021

Depending on the industry, an organization can spend more than two-thirds of their budget to purchase goods or services to support the business’ operation. Dedicated individuals are responsible to ensure that this supply chain process of picking and buying stuff is executed smoothly. A purchas...

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29 Nov 2021

Making friends in person is challenging already, but to do it remotely? You will need a different strategy. With many businesses going remote due to the pandemic, new hires are probably wondering, ‘How can I connect and collaborate with everyone I have never met?’ If you are experiencing...

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26 Nov 2021

As a job seeker, you spend most of your time waiting for a job offer. While securing employment is every talent’s top priority, there are cases when you actually need to reject an offer. Be it due to the unsatisfactory salary, working hours, or working arrangement, you have made up your mind t...

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