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03 Dec 2021

Depending on the industry, an organization can spend more than two-thirds of their budget to purchase goods or services to support the business’ operation. Dedicated individuals are responsible to ensure that this supply chain process of picking and buying stuff is executed smoothly. A purchas...

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29 Nov 2021

Making friends in person is challenging already, but to do it remotely? You will need a different strategy. With many businesses going remote due to the pandemic, new hires are probably wondering, ‘How can I connect and collaborate with everyone I have never met?’ If you are experiencing...

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25 Nov 2021

Sexual harassment in the workplace remains a pressing issue in 2021. According to a report, 63 percent of women from age 16-24 have experienced a form of sexual harassment while on the job. Across the board, 25 percent of women surveyed said a colleague, often a senior manager, had made an inappropr...

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12 Oct 2020

  One of the top traits when hiring a recruiter is their ambiguity tolerance. Ambiguity tolerance is a degree to which an individual is comfortable with uncertainty, unpredictability, conflicting directions, and multiple demands. This trait is manifested in a person’s ability to operat...

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05 Oct 2020

  You might have heard the term recruiter, hiring manager, and human resources. For some people, these three terms refer to the same job function which is to recruit and hire the best candidates for vacant positions in a company. However, do you know that recruiter, hiring manager, and human...

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